Monday, December 29, 2014

Ghost Ranch, #270

I painted this a few weeks ago.  I was looking over some old pictures of New Mexico when I came across this one.  It is kind of a frankenstein, in a way.  If you have ever been to ghost ranch, you might know, the mountains and lake are not like the painting.  But that is why I love painting... I can do what ever I want.  This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,

Friday, December 19, 2014

"Taos Valley #4", #271

Here is the painting I'll be giving my mother for Christmas.  I love the colors in this piece, the orange foreground trees work well with the purple-ish mountains.  I have painted this view four times now with different color themes.  This is my new favorite.

Long Mesa, #269

I love the New Mexico landscape.  I am always drawn back to it's dramatic sky and simple mesas.
I post this painting today while packing for a weekend visit with my mother in Dallas, Texas.  Bailey and I have a fun trip planned.  We will be spending some long overdue time with Mimi.  The highlight for Bailey will be lunch at the American girl doll store.  We have never done it before, I'll need to go into it with an open mind.  To be honest the dolls are so realistic, they creep me out a little.
Christmas is a fun time of year, it's a good opportunity to gift some paintings.  Or for people to buy some of my art.
This painting will be up for auction at

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lovely lake, #268

I titled this piece "lovely Lake" but the real show stopper is the group of trees.  In composing the trees, I wanted them to really drive the eye around the painting.  I like the reflection and the way the trees aren't restricted to the 9x12 format.
With it being cold and wet in Scottsdale today, this painting brings me some warmth and sunshine.
This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,, with an opening bid of $100

Monday, December 8, 2014

County Road #12, #250

Here is one I did a few weeks ago.  This painting in my opinion has it all...  Great light, depth, and balance.  I forget sometimes that paintings need a purpose and I also need to keep ones that do as a reference.
Well enough of that, I am all focused on Fantasy Football.  If my team holds on tonight I'll be in the Championship game..

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Need Sun, #267

I painted this 8x10 under the awning of our new RV.  As I said in my previous post, our trip to California was a wet one for the most part.  I needed some sun, so I painted it.  I had a fun time painting this guy, because I felt like I was doing a demo for all the hippies.  While I stood in the rain, most of the thanksgiving goers come by to see my progress.  I think, I painted it in less than an hour.  Sometimes the best result happen under the strangest conditions. Cold, dark and wet.  This would be one of those times.  I know the RV will bring many great painting adventures.  This painting will be up for sale soon at my online gallery,

The All Consuming RV

It's been along time since my last post.  Well here it is, the new RV.  We decide to buy a new 27 foot Thor Ace.  It's actually 28.5 feet but don't tell my wife, she thinks it's small enough for her to drive, and to my surprise, she drove it hundred miles across the desert last week.
We took the RV on it's maiden voyage on Nov. 20th.  We drove over to the California central coast for a few days.  We did the whole KOA campground thing.  Bailey had a great time because there were lots of kids to play with and she didn't get car sick in our motel room on wheels.  We made our way up to my wife's hippy family thanksgiving in Chico, California.  It was great being able to park right out front of all the festivities.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Eucalyptus Lane, #266

Trees, mountains, and wild flowers....I really like this piece.  I have been planning our family RV trip to California, I was reading a web page on the central coast about eucalyptus trees and monarch butterflies.  Apparently there is a state park near the coast that is quite famous for the migrating monarchs.  I can't wait.  Painting them will be the difficulty.  We'll see.
This painting will be up for auction on my online gallery soon...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Twin Live Oaks, #254

Happy Birthday Jen....
My dear friend Jen Wilber just grabbed this off my wall of finished paintings for her birthday.  I hadn't posted this little baby because I loved it so much.  I look forward to painting more live oaks next week in California...

Eucalyptus lake, #265

I painted this a week or so ago.  Oops, I should say, I somehow painted this a week or so ago.  It's amazing with everything that has been going on, but I am happy to say we finally bought an RV.  When I pick it up in a few days I will post some shots.  I think Leaf has already posted some pictures to Facebook.
I can't wait to hit the road.  We head out soon for California.  We are driving over to the central coast to spend a few days on our way to Chico.  I love that part of the state.  The fastest way to Chico is the I-5, don't, love that so much, the coast is a better bet.  Well, back to packing.
Check back soon for some wet plain airs.....
This one will be up for auction later today at my online gallery,

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blue Monument, #262

I haven't added a new painting in quite awhile.  I have been RV crazy, I guess you could say.  We are planning on buying a new RV, so I have driven all over the valley to try to find the perfect one.  It's been fun and a little time consuming.  We hope to take a big RV trip this coming summer, all over the southwest and into Canada. I get a little tunnel vision when it comes to this sort of thing.  So as a result my painting and even golf has taken a back seat.
But back to the painting,  I painted this over the weekend from a photo, but I hope to be painting  Monument Valley from my new RV very soon.  The valley is beautiful, especially in person.  If you have never been there, it's well worth the trip.  Or just buy my painting which will be up for auction soon on my online gallery,

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pondside Pine, #260

This painting was inspired by a Edgar Payne drawing I found over the weekend.  I used his sketches as a reference.  I came up with all the colors and mood of the piece.  I feel I did it justice.  I love the coolness of the painting.  The temp dropped way down to 60 over the weekend, we even had our fireplace lit.  I guess I was in the mood for a winter landscape.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Eucalyptus Draw, #259

This painting was created on the 28th.  The shadows are my favorite aspect of this one, they add contour and texture to the piece.  The cross light gives the trees nice form.  I have been obsessed with purple as of late.  I think it looks so cool to throw little accents in the shadows.  Please tell me if I'm going overboard, lol.  This painting will be up for auction at later today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mountain Pines, #258

This Mountain painting was  completed on Monday.  I love the peek a boo trees.  This painting reminds me of a trail I use to hike in the Pecos Wilderness, in the Sangre de Christo mountains above Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The ponderosa pines and the distant mountains.  Love it....

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pine Valley, #257

I painted this one last week.  I wanted to paint a strong mountain, a valley and some pines.  So here it is.  I really like the sage brush in the foreground.  We find a lot of sage brush in New Mexico, so I guess this could be a scene from there.  Maybe up by Taos.  But it could be just about anywhere in the western United States.  I have seen, painted and photographed this type of scene from Montana to New Mexico to the Sierras of California.  It's why I live here, big beautiful open spaces.  This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,, later today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Strong Mesa, #256

I painted "Strong Mesa" over the weekend.  I had fun painting this one.  I love the cool grasses in the foreground that lead the eye to the warm mesa and dramatic Southwest style clouds.  This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery, later today.

All a Bloom, #255

"All a Bloom" Is another California landscape.  I chose to put in some wildflowers and go with green hills.  The California spring is quite beautiful when the hills are green and the flowers pop.  By summer the hills are golden.  I guess most of California is arid.  This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery, later today with a starting bid of $100.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

California Hills, #253

I painted another California hills and tree scene on Wednesday.  I have been having trouble with getting enough separation.  In most cases, the foreground trees and the background hills are the same value.  So after studying the photos, the separation comes from color temperature, duh.  As you can see from my painting, the distant hills are painted a cooler green and the oak tree in a warmer green.  Every painting is a learning process.  I enjoy the the journey...
This painting will be up for auction on my online gallery,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

King Oak, #252

I found an old photo of this California Oak tree from Carmel Valley, CA.  I decided to zoom in the oak for some added drama.  I have been painting a lot of trees lately...
Last weekend I was even looking at homes to buy in Carmel, I guess I have California on my mind.
This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,

Golden Reflections, #249

I love the way trees reflect off water.  The reflections add so much interest to an otherwise boring scene.  I created this mountain painting the other day.  I am so far behind with my postings.  I just took four photos of recently finished paintings.  I also have a wet one still on my easel from this morning.  This one will be up for auction at my online gallery,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'm calling this one "Skinny Trunks".  I painted it over the weekend.  I think it turned out good.  I love all the color and the feeling of the piece.
This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Daughter's Paradise, #248

My daughter, Bailey, just got home from school to discover my latest painting.  When I asked her what she thought of it, she said " Wow, I want to live there...".  Pretty cute or oh no, I guess we are leaving Arizona...
This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,, tomorrow.  That is if Bailey don't grab it first.

Beautiful Backlit, # 247

I painted this little beauty on Tuesday.  I have been so busy this week.  I just picked up a new gallery in Phoenix.  I had to frame and get them over to them today.  They don't have their sign up yet, but I'll do a post with all their info soon.  The space is really nice and the gallery owner is wonderful.
I also cut and gessoed about 40 panels for the next months paintings.  We have been getting rain everyday for the past three day, so the gesso is drying verrrry slowww.
Back to the painting, I love the way this turned out.  Trees are so much more interesting to me when light shines through them.  I chose to really pump up the variety of colors in this one.  Thanks for looking.  This one will be up for sell at my online gallery,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Shiprockin', #198

No time to paint today, but here is a older painting I did in Shiprock, NM a few week ago, before I started my blog.  Simple, but I think dramatic.  No time to paint today, I am off to Home Depot to buy a 4'x8' sheet of masonite or MDF,  whichever they have in stock.  I'll be cutting new panels for many new paintings today.  About a year ago, I bought a table saw so I would be able to cut my own panels.  It's been great, for one I can cut true sizes.  The big manufactures make their panels a quarter inch small, which is frustrating when you go to frame your piece.  Secondly, I can make the panels any size and shape.  I made a 6''x 24" panel for a Sedona landscape once.  After the panels are cut, I apply a few thick coats of Gesso.
The Shiprock painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,, with a starting bid of $75.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

By the Trees, #246

I painted this last week.  It has such a tranquil feel for me.  I love the colorful trees and meadow.  The slow moving water catches the lightly colored reflection of the large trees nicely.  I put in the small foot bridge to break up the stream.  I feel it all works... It doesn't always.  I'm working on one today that is not coming together, but who knows.  This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,, with a starting bid of $75.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Golden Light, #245

I have been exploring shadows and light lately, and how it creates depth and drama in my paintings.  I really like the cooled shadows in the foreground with the warm strip of light through the middle of the painting.  I had fun with this one.  This afternoon I want to do a backlit tree.  I have a few photos in mind to use as references.
"Golden Light" will be up for action soon at, my online gallery, with a starting bid of $75.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Changing Time, #244

This painting was painted with New Mexico in mind.  Even if I can't be there, I can imagine the leaves are a changing...  My yoga instructor went to Santa Fe last weekend for wine and chili fest. It was her first time to experience Santa Fe and all it's beauty.  She had a great time.  It was fun to here about my adopted home town from her perspective.
I needed to paint this paint today with the changing cottonwoods and fall colors.  Painting takes me places.  It's can be transformative.  Summer has finally broke, here in Scottsdale.  More fall painting on the way...
This painting will be up for action at my online gallery,, with a starting bid of $75.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Twin Peaks, # 243

I painted this 12 x 16 over the weekend.  My wife, Leaf, thinks it looks like two very pointy breast.  I hope that doesn't taint your interest in this painting.  But to my credit, most granite mountains are beautiful pointed objects that men are trying to climb or concur like the women they love.  This painting will be up for auction with a starting bid of $100 at, my online gallery.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Oak Creek Detail, #241

I painted this, en plain air, last week in Sedona.  My wife's family lives in Camp Verde, Arizona, about 20 miles from Sedona, so we have the opportunity to get up there often.  If you have never been to Sedona, it is time.  I love painting there.  You can literally stand in one spot and paint all day.  Everywhere you look there is something special.  On this day, I painted in the creek for the first time.  My wife went for a hike up the canyon, so I had just enough time to whip this little beauty out.  What a great time...
I'll have this up for auction soon at  Starting bid of $75.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Winter Pines, #240

For some reason, my blog isn't playing nice tonight.  I can't get the text in the right place.  So this will be a quick post. I painted this 8x10 off and on most of the day.  I really like the way it turned out.  I decided to go with orangish grasses in the foreground.  I tied the orange in by adding some in the trees and the distant mountain.  Snow is fun...
This painting will be up for auction at my gallery,, soon,  The starting bid will be $75.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Twin Oaks, #239

The title I selected for this piece sounds more live a trailer park or a retirement village.  But I'm feeling it.  The is a California scene of some of my favorite trees to paint.  The colors they exude are exquisite.  They are also great trees to use the window to create depth in paintings. The Painting is quit colorful, I guess I was in a great mood this morning.  What a incredible live I have.  I am very grateful...
For tomorrows painting I am thinking about painting a mountain stream with some fall foliage.  I'm ready for some cooler weather.  It's going to be 103 today in Scottsdale.
I am so happy, I have two bids on my painting through my online gallery.  I thought it would take longer to sell my work.  Thanks for reading and this painting will be up for auction soon with a starting bid of $75.   It could be yours.

Monday, September 22, 2014

After the rain, #238

Yesterday was a busy day...  I started with an early morning tee time with some friends at Desert Highland, watched my fantasy team out perform, and finished the day with this little painting.  I'm calling it "after the rain" because I added the wet road and broken sky.  Can I tell you how much I love painting trees?  There are so many great colors and little details. From lights and darks, cool and warm colors.  Wow.  Every day I learn something new.  If I really look  I see so much.  I use to paint trees just green, warm sap green.  I'll keep painting, Check back tomorrow.  This will be for sell at my only online gallery,,  tomorrow.  Follow the link on the right side of the page...
This is an example of how I frame my paintings.  I use plain air style gold leaf frames.  This frame is from Jerry Artarama.  In this 9x12 size, the frame is about $30.  There are many other frame companies that sell plain air gold leaf frames but Jerry's sells this one at the lowest price.  I think they look really nice.  They do sell them in different colors and finishes as well.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Morning Meadow, #237

I was laying in bed this morning thinking about what I wanted to paint today, when the light started streaming in the room under the curtains.  So I came up with this scene that was inspired by that morning light.  In the landscape, I wanted to capture the same effect of the low morning light streaking across the canvas.  I love cottonwood and evergreen type trees, so I stuck a few of those in to bend and block the low morning light.  
About the time I was putting the final touches on the painting and drinking my second cup of coffee,  my wife and daughter rolled out of bed.  
What a great morning.  This piece will be up for auction tomorrow.  Thanks for viewing and please sign up for my email list.  And check back tomorrow to see what I've been painting.... 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Purple Mountains #1

The hardest thing for me about being an artist is trying to come up with snappy titles to my paintings.  I really enjoy painting them but have no clue what to call them when I put my brushes down.  So "Purple Mountain #1" is as good as it gets for now.  I have even thought about just numbering my painting.  That is pretty cool because I could see the progression from my first painting ten years ago.  I think I have painted over 200 painting but I don't really know.
I used a photo reference to paint this one.  The light was intriguing for me.  I especially like the thin slice of light in the foreground.  Check it out in my auction at tomorrow.

Taos Valley Farm #1

I was sifting through some old photos last night, and came across this beautiful pastoral scene.  The photo was not this much fun though.  I increased the size of the cottonwoods and added the structure.  The colors in New Mexico in the fall are a welcomed sight for me.  The only bad part is, it's an early reminded that winter is just around the corner.  New Mexico winters bring way too many months of brown and grey for me.  But, it is great when you get a fresh snow to paint.  The sun is almost always out, making the snow pop.
I live in Scottsdale now and winter is our best time of year.  I look forward to painting outside.  This is a good size painting and it will be up for auction on tomorrow probably with my regular starting bid price of $75.  Thanks for reading and join my email list

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I spent last summer in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The main thing I miss about the land of enchantment are the clouds.  Every day the clouds would gather around the mountains and I would scramble around with my easel looking for the daily painting.
This painting is of a distant mesa north of town.  I improvised the foreground.  But as painters we have all the power.  In my pre painting life, I was a photographer and I was alway frustrated with not being able to change key elements in the landscape.  Granted I was taking picture in the 80's, before photoshop.  I had to do manipulations in the darkroom.  I didn't have Ansel Adams skills.
This painting will be up for auction on with a starting bid of $75.  That is when I can figure it out.

Monday, September 15, 2014

I love New Mexico in the fall...  I painted this 8x10 yesterday from a photo.  Scottsdale gets a little boring this time of year, so I find myself looking through old photos and scouring the internet for something new to paint.  New Mexico never disappoints with it's true crisp colors.  There is no wonder why the state has attracted so many artist.  I spent 20 years there cataloging it's beauty.  So as the result you will see many paints of it's landscape.
I am going to try my first online auction with this little guy.  All of my auction will have a starting bid of $75, unframed.  Regardless of the size. I think...Wish me luck

My very first post...

I painted this a few years back.  It's more of a test upload, from pacasa.  I've never done this before, hopefully everything works out.