Friday, October 31, 2014

Eucalyptus Draw, #259

This painting was created on the 28th.  The shadows are my favorite aspect of this one, they add contour and texture to the piece.  The cross light gives the trees nice form.  I have been obsessed with purple as of late.  I think it looks so cool to throw little accents in the shadows.  Please tell me if I'm going overboard, lol.  This painting will be up for auction at later today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mountain Pines, #258

This Mountain painting was  completed on Monday.  I love the peek a boo trees.  This painting reminds me of a trail I use to hike in the Pecos Wilderness, in the Sangre de Christo mountains above Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The ponderosa pines and the distant mountains.  Love it....

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pine Valley, #257

I painted this one last week.  I wanted to paint a strong mountain, a valley and some pines.  So here it is.  I really like the sage brush in the foreground.  We find a lot of sage brush in New Mexico, so I guess this could be a scene from there.  Maybe up by Taos.  But it could be just about anywhere in the western United States.  I have seen, painted and photographed this type of scene from Montana to New Mexico to the Sierras of California.  It's why I live here, big beautiful open spaces.  This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,, later today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Strong Mesa, #256

I painted "Strong Mesa" over the weekend.  I had fun painting this one.  I love the cool grasses in the foreground that lead the eye to the warm mesa and dramatic Southwest style clouds.  This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery, later today.

All a Bloom, #255

"All a Bloom" Is another California landscape.  I chose to put in some wildflowers and go with green hills.  The California spring is quite beautiful when the hills are green and the flowers pop.  By summer the hills are golden.  I guess most of California is arid.  This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery, later today with a starting bid of $100.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

California Hills, #253

I painted another California hills and tree scene on Wednesday.  I have been having trouble with getting enough separation.  In most cases, the foreground trees and the background hills are the same value.  So after studying the photos, the separation comes from color temperature, duh.  As you can see from my painting, the distant hills are painted a cooler green and the oak tree in a warmer green.  Every painting is a learning process.  I enjoy the the journey...
This painting will be up for auction on my online gallery,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

King Oak, #252

I found an old photo of this California Oak tree from Carmel Valley, CA.  I decided to zoom in the oak for some added drama.  I have been painting a lot of trees lately...
Last weekend I was even looking at homes to buy in Carmel, I guess I have California on my mind.
This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,

Golden Reflections, #249

I love the way trees reflect off water.  The reflections add so much interest to an otherwise boring scene.  I created this mountain painting the other day.  I am so far behind with my postings.  I just took four photos of recently finished paintings.  I also have a wet one still on my easel from this morning.  This one will be up for auction at my online gallery,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'm calling this one "Skinny Trunks".  I painted it over the weekend.  I think it turned out good.  I love all the color and the feeling of the piece.
This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Daughter's Paradise, #248

My daughter, Bailey, just got home from school to discover my latest painting.  When I asked her what she thought of it, she said " Wow, I want to live there...".  Pretty cute or oh no, I guess we are leaving Arizona...
This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,, tomorrow.  That is if Bailey don't grab it first.

Beautiful Backlit, # 247

I painted this little beauty on Tuesday.  I have been so busy this week.  I just picked up a new gallery in Phoenix.  I had to frame and get them over to them today.  They don't have their sign up yet, but I'll do a post with all their info soon.  The space is really nice and the gallery owner is wonderful.
I also cut and gessoed about 40 panels for the next months paintings.  We have been getting rain everyday for the past three day, so the gesso is drying verrrry slowww.
Back to the painting, I love the way this turned out.  Trees are so much more interesting to me when light shines through them.  I chose to really pump up the variety of colors in this one.  Thanks for looking.  This one will be up for sell at my online gallery,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Shiprockin', #198

No time to paint today, but here is a older painting I did in Shiprock, NM a few week ago, before I started my blog.  Simple, but I think dramatic.  No time to paint today, I am off to Home Depot to buy a 4'x8' sheet of masonite or MDF,  whichever they have in stock.  I'll be cutting new panels for many new paintings today.  About a year ago, I bought a table saw so I would be able to cut my own panels.  It's been great, for one I can cut true sizes.  The big manufactures make their panels a quarter inch small, which is frustrating when you go to frame your piece.  Secondly, I can make the panels any size and shape.  I made a 6''x 24" panel for a Sedona landscape once.  After the panels are cut, I apply a few thick coats of Gesso.
The Shiprock painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,, with a starting bid of $75.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

By the Trees, #246

I painted this last week.  It has such a tranquil feel for me.  I love the colorful trees and meadow.  The slow moving water catches the lightly colored reflection of the large trees nicely.  I put in the small foot bridge to break up the stream.  I feel it all works... It doesn't always.  I'm working on one today that is not coming together, but who knows.  This painting will be up for auction at my online gallery,, with a starting bid of $75.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Golden Light, #245

I have been exploring shadows and light lately, and how it creates depth and drama in my paintings.  I really like the cooled shadows in the foreground with the warm strip of light through the middle of the painting.  I had fun with this one.  This afternoon I want to do a backlit tree.  I have a few photos in mind to use as references.
"Golden Light" will be up for action soon at, my online gallery, with a starting bid of $75.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Changing Time, #244

This painting was painted with New Mexico in mind.  Even if I can't be there, I can imagine the leaves are a changing...  My yoga instructor went to Santa Fe last weekend for wine and chili fest. It was her first time to experience Santa Fe and all it's beauty.  She had a great time.  It was fun to here about my adopted home town from her perspective.
I needed to paint this paint today with the changing cottonwoods and fall colors.  Painting takes me places.  It's can be transformative.  Summer has finally broke, here in Scottsdale.  More fall painting on the way...
This painting will be up for action at my online gallery,, with a starting bid of $75.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Twin Peaks, # 243

I painted this 12 x 16 over the weekend.  My wife, Leaf, thinks it looks like two very pointy breast.  I hope that doesn't taint your interest in this painting.  But to my credit, most granite mountains are beautiful pointed objects that men are trying to climb or concur like the women they love.  This painting will be up for auction with a starting bid of $100 at, my online gallery.