Friday, September 26, 2014

Oak Creek Detail, #241

I painted this, en plain air, last week in Sedona.  My wife's family lives in Camp Verde, Arizona, about 20 miles from Sedona, so we have the opportunity to get up there often.  If you have never been to Sedona, it is time.  I love painting there.  You can literally stand in one spot and paint all day.  Everywhere you look there is something special.  On this day, I painted in the creek for the first time.  My wife went for a hike up the canyon, so I had just enough time to whip this little beauty out.  What a great time...
I'll have this up for auction soon at  Starting bid of $75.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Winter Pines, #240

For some reason, my blog isn't playing nice tonight.  I can't get the text in the right place.  So this will be a quick post. I painted this 8x10 off and on most of the day.  I really like the way it turned out.  I decided to go with orangish grasses in the foreground.  I tied the orange in by adding some in the trees and the distant mountain.  Snow is fun...
This painting will be up for auction at my gallery,, soon,  The starting bid will be $75.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Twin Oaks, #239

The title I selected for this piece sounds more live a trailer park or a retirement village.  But I'm feeling it.  The is a California scene of some of my favorite trees to paint.  The colors they exude are exquisite.  They are also great trees to use the window to create depth in paintings. The Painting is quit colorful, I guess I was in a great mood this morning.  What a incredible live I have.  I am very grateful...
For tomorrows painting I am thinking about painting a mountain stream with some fall foliage.  I'm ready for some cooler weather.  It's going to be 103 today in Scottsdale.
I am so happy, I have two bids on my painting through my online gallery.  I thought it would take longer to sell my work.  Thanks for reading and this painting will be up for auction soon with a starting bid of $75.   It could be yours.

Monday, September 22, 2014

After the rain, #238

Yesterday was a busy day...  I started with an early morning tee time with some friends at Desert Highland, watched my fantasy team out perform, and finished the day with this little painting.  I'm calling it "after the rain" because I added the wet road and broken sky.  Can I tell you how much I love painting trees?  There are so many great colors and little details. From lights and darks, cool and warm colors.  Wow.  Every day I learn something new.  If I really look  I see so much.  I use to paint trees just green, warm sap green.  I'll keep painting, Check back tomorrow.  This will be for sell at my only online gallery,,  tomorrow.  Follow the link on the right side of the page...
This is an example of how I frame my paintings.  I use plain air style gold leaf frames.  This frame is from Jerry Artarama.  In this 9x12 size, the frame is about $30.  There are many other frame companies that sell plain air gold leaf frames but Jerry's sells this one at the lowest price.  I think they look really nice.  They do sell them in different colors and finishes as well.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Morning Meadow, #237

I was laying in bed this morning thinking about what I wanted to paint today, when the light started streaming in the room under the curtains.  So I came up with this scene that was inspired by that morning light.  In the landscape, I wanted to capture the same effect of the low morning light streaking across the canvas.  I love cottonwood and evergreen type trees, so I stuck a few of those in to bend and block the low morning light.  
About the time I was putting the final touches on the painting and drinking my second cup of coffee,  my wife and daughter rolled out of bed.  
What a great morning.  This piece will be up for auction tomorrow.  Thanks for viewing and please sign up for my email list.  And check back tomorrow to see what I've been painting.... 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Purple Mountains #1

The hardest thing for me about being an artist is trying to come up with snappy titles to my paintings.  I really enjoy painting them but have no clue what to call them when I put my brushes down.  So "Purple Mountain #1" is as good as it gets for now.  I have even thought about just numbering my painting.  That is pretty cool because I could see the progression from my first painting ten years ago.  I think I have painted over 200 painting but I don't really know.
I used a photo reference to paint this one.  The light was intriguing for me.  I especially like the thin slice of light in the foreground.  Check it out in my auction at tomorrow.

Taos Valley Farm #1

I was sifting through some old photos last night, and came across this beautiful pastoral scene.  The photo was not this much fun though.  I increased the size of the cottonwoods and added the structure.  The colors in New Mexico in the fall are a welcomed sight for me.  The only bad part is, it's an early reminded that winter is just around the corner.  New Mexico winters bring way too many months of brown and grey for me.  But, it is great when you get a fresh snow to paint.  The sun is almost always out, making the snow pop.
I live in Scottsdale now and winter is our best time of year.  I look forward to painting outside.  This is a good size painting and it will be up for auction on tomorrow probably with my regular starting bid price of $75.  Thanks for reading and join my email list

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I spent last summer in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The main thing I miss about the land of enchantment are the clouds.  Every day the clouds would gather around the mountains and I would scramble around with my easel looking for the daily painting.
This painting is of a distant mesa north of town.  I improvised the foreground.  But as painters we have all the power.  In my pre painting life, I was a photographer and I was alway frustrated with not being able to change key elements in the landscape.  Granted I was taking picture in the 80's, before photoshop.  I had to do manipulations in the darkroom.  I didn't have Ansel Adams skills.
This painting will be up for auction on with a starting bid of $75.  That is when I can figure it out.

Monday, September 15, 2014

I love New Mexico in the fall...  I painted this 8x10 yesterday from a photo.  Scottsdale gets a little boring this time of year, so I find myself looking through old photos and scouring the internet for something new to paint.  New Mexico never disappoints with it's true crisp colors.  There is no wonder why the state has attracted so many artist.  I spent 20 years there cataloging it's beauty.  So as the result you will see many paints of it's landscape.
I am going to try my first online auction with this little guy.  All of my auction will have a starting bid of $75, unframed.  Regardless of the size. I think...Wish me luck

My very first post...

I painted this a few years back.  It's more of a test upload, from pacasa.  I've never done this before, hopefully everything works out.